Hanoi travel guide Archive

Traffic in Hanoi capital

Take a city tour around Hanoi capital, one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam, and experience its traffic, which seems to be "strange" to many of foreign visitors. ...Read More

06 Things to explore in Hanoi

As the starting point for any holidays in Vietnam, the vibrant Hanoi attracts visitors for its atmospheric Old Quarter, lantern-fringed lake and an abundance of bustle and noise resonating from the local stalls and mopeds. Let’s read out the article to see another side ...Read More

Duong Lam Village Traditions

Located just 50km from central Hanoi, Duong Lam Village is a world apart. Visitors will find traditional architecture, interesting historic sites and a serene ambiance. It is also an ideal place for a day trip from Hanoi capital. ...Read More

A weekend trip from Hanoi to Tam Dao

Spend your leisure weekend time on a short trip from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi capital to the peaceful Tam Dao for experiencing four seasons with the cool climate of spring in morning, warm summer at noon, romantic chill of fall in the ...Read More