06 Things to explore in Hanoi

To every foreign visitor, Hanoi is considered as the starting point for any holidays in Vietnam. This vibrant city attracts visitors for its atmospheric Old Quarter, lantern-fringed lake and an abundance of bustle and noise resonating from the local stalls and mopeds. It’s worth trying your unique experience in Hanoi! Let’s read out the article to see another side of Hanoi during your Vietnam holidays!

1. Getting lost in Hanoi Old Quarter

Lost in Hanoi Old Quarter - Things to do in Hanoi

Getting lost in Hanoi Old Quarter

Surely, you will see a different and unique Hanoi by wandering along the narrow ancient streets and exploring a myriad of sights, smells and noise amongst the old quarter. During your street walking tour in Hanoi, don’t forget to stop at some stalls on every corner selling delicious cuisine to taste Hanoi street foods. It’s your miss spending half a day of your time in Hanoi to make yourself lost amongst the steamy old quarter!

2. Attempting to cross a road/street in Hanoi

When you first arrive in bustling Hanoi the sheer amount of mopeds (and lack road rules) can be slightly daunting. However, once you realize that you won’t get much sightseeing done without crossing a road or two, just start walking across slowly and you’ll find that the drivers will just wind around you and you’ll get to the other side with no problems.

Crossing the road in Hanoi - Things to do in Hanoi

Foreigners crossing the road in Hanoi

3. Getting ripped off by a cheeky pineapple seller

Spend any time in Hanoi on your Vietnam trip and you are bound to be approached by a fruit seller offering you the chance to hold their pineapple carrier and wear a conical hat for a photo. However, it will cost you so be prepared to be pestered for money as soon as that shutter clicks. If you are up for a comedy photo then by all means go ahead- it’s one for the family album after all.

4. Visiting the The Huc Bridge and Hoan Kiem Lake at night

The Huc Bridge and Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the familiar tourist spot in Hanoi for every visitor; however not many people spend time visiting two of them when the dark comes. Give it a try; you will be amazed that the famous bridge is definitely worth a visit on your Hanoi trip.

The Huc Bridge and Hoan Kiem Lake - Things to do in Hanoi

The Huc Bridge and Hoan Kiem Lake lightening at night

The Huc Bridge and Hoan Kiem Lake are beautiful in any time period of a day. In the daytime, the bridge is flanked by emerald water whereas at night the waterside becomes lit by lanterns hanging from the trees and the bridge glows a fire red, adding to the reflections in the lake. It must be a not-to-be-missed sight during your stay in Hanoi.

5. Visiting a temple in Hanoi during Vietnamese traditional Tet

Perhaps you plan to book your trip in Vietnam over the traditional Lunar Tet holiday; you will have great chance to experience this spiritual city.

All through February the smell of incense fills the air and you’ll spot shrines and offerings all around. If you decide to visit a temple or two you will more than likely discover a religious ritual occurring and brightly colored flowers on display.

Temple of Literature - Things to do in Hanoi

Visiting the Temple of Literature in Hanoi

If you see a statue of a turtle, don’t forget to pat it on the head for good luck, and if you’re feeling flush, tuck a couple of dong under it as your own personal offering.

6. Getting your hair cut

Getting haircut - Things to do in Hanoi

Getting your hair cut in street barber shop

Why don’t you treat yourself to a spot of sprucing if you have half-hour free during your Hanoi trip? The streets offer you wide variety of barber shops which will transform your look and give the gents a proper shave.

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