Hanoi Street Food Archive

Banh mi Doner Kebabs in Hanoi

Banh Mi Doner Kebab is a pedestrian fried egg or pâté sandwich with a few slices of cucumber or a light smearing of chili sauce. It is one of the favorite streets foods for both Hanoians and foreign tourists staying in Hanoi ...Read More

24 hour city tour in Hanoi

Imagining you had 24 hours staying in the beautiful Hanoi capital, what should you do? Read out the article and self plan a day tour in Hanoi. Let's come and join us in 24 hour city tour in Hanoi! ...Read More

A “tasty” day in Hanoi

Hanoi is regarded as a paradise for street foods, which attract a large number of visitors to Hanoi. Let's come and join us in a day tour of street food in Hanoi's Old Quarter from the early morning till the night. ...Read More

Hanoi’s coffee culture

Undoubtedly, Vietnam is famous for its coffee. Someone also says that Vietnam has its own coffee culture. If you are traveling to Vietnam, where should you choose to go for a cup of coffee and exploring this culture? We've done that for you, let's ...Read More

Hanoi specialties in cold weather

Come to Hanoi to enjoy the cold night as well as to taste some Hanoi specialties of grilled corn, fried bread sticks, boiled snails and grilled Vietnamese sausages. You will be warmed up in the Hanoi winter night. ...Read More