Gifts from the capital of Vietnam for foreigners

Followings are some “Vietnamese” gifts in Hanoi that you should not miss when having the idea of presenting your beloved a gift featured Vietnamese culture. Let’s discover the four gifts we want to introduce you:

Jewelry in Hang Bac Street (Silver Street)

Signboar of hang bac Street - Gift from Hanoi city tour

The signboard of Hang Bac Street

Located inside the Old Quarter, Hang Bac Street is a characteristic old street of Hanoi with the name associated with the name of the product sold here. Along the street, shops are offering visitors the main silver items, including rings, earrings, bangles and bracelets made by talented goldsmiths from famous traditional craft villages such as Dinh Cong (in Hanoi), Dong Xam (in Thai Binh), and Chau Khe (in Hai Duong).

Silver shop in Hang Bac Street - Gift from Hanoi city tour

A shop of silver jewelry in Hang Bac Street

Perhaps most people love the silver items sold in Hang Bac Street for their shape and decoration. You can buy silver bracelets or ankle chains of good quality at reasonable prices. Otherwise; if you want to engrave scripts or polish your jewelry, your need will be satisfy at all silver stores along the ancient street of Hang Bac.

Salted and sugared dry fruits (O Mai) in Hang Duong Street

Actually, those who are living themselves in the capital of Vietnam or someone who has chance to visit Hanoi cannot miss Hanoi’s unique specialty – that is O Mai (English named salted and sugared dry fruits). Moreover, everyone surely knows where to buy this product. It must be Hang Duong Street (near the Hang Ngang – Hang Dao – Dong Xuan night market), one of the must-see places in Hanoi for foreign tourists.

Delicious O Mai - Gift from Hanoi city tour

Delicious O Mai, a special gift from Hanoi

Boxes of O Mai Hang Duong Street - Gift from Hanoi city tour

Boxes of O Mai Hang Duong Street

Although “Sugar Street” in only a few hundred meters long, there are dozens of shops catering O Mai along the road. Stop at one store, countless types of O Mai and jams are within reach. Particularly, you can also taste them before deciding which types of O Mai you want to buy. For your information, apricot, plum, peach, lemon, etc. are traditional types of O Mai Hang Duong; furthermore, you can also try many kinds of jams and O Mai such as kiwi, sweet potatoes and others.

Scarves in Dinh Liet Street

A store selling scarves in Dinh Liet Street  - Gift from Hanoi city tour

A store selling scarves in Dinh Liet Street

In Dinh Liet Street, a short street which is located very near the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, you can easily find all kinds of scarves, made from various materials at soft and favorable prices.

Wooden seals in To Tich Street

Wooden seal in To Tich Street - Gift from Hanoi city tour

Beautiful wooden seal you can buy in To Tich Street

Artisan making a wooden seal - Gift from Hanoi city tour

Artisan is making a wooden seal for the order of buyers

Despite the fact that the number of artisans making wooden seals and the shops selling these products have declined greatly, local Hanoians together with visitors to Hanoi can still buy beautiful seals in To Tich Street. Dropping in a small shop and asking the seal makers for any pattern or script that you want is one of the must-do when you stand in the street. However, the most interesting experience is watching the making process when the seal maker turns a small piece of wood into a pretty small seal.

Especially for foreign tourists to Hanoi: Don’t forget to carefully list the activity of buying at least one mentioned above gifts of Hanoi capital in your tour itinerary in Hanoi, to make your beloved more amazed and fascinated!