Attractive flower villages in Hanoi waiting for Tet holiday

A traditional beauty of Hanoi which cannot be easily forgotten lies in its flower villages. For many people, such villages are great places for sightseeing each weekend, especially in the spring when the Tet holiday comes. During you holidays in Hanoi, make it a point to step out of your hotel to see these lovely villages right outside the city.


1. Tay Tuu Flower Village

Tay Tuu is considered as the oldest flower village in suburban of Hanoi. Formed about 10 years ago, the Tay Tuu Flower village has witnessed the bustling air of many Tet holidays of the capital. The most popular flowers to be grown in this village are rose, gerbera and lily.

tay-tuu-flower-garden-hanoi-attractionsThe most outstanding flower people can easily see in the Tay Tuu village is rose with a wide range from red, white to yellow ones. The village usually sells its flowers at the local markets or they are brought to the Quang Ba wholesale market. Flowers of Tay Tuu Village are rather cheap it is not around the Tet holiday.

tay-tuu-flower-garden-hanoiLocated around 15 km from the Hanoi center, the Tay Tuu flower village has long become a favorite destination on weekends of many Hanoians and tourists, especially the youngsters. They come here for relaxing moments as well as nice shots. Both sides of the road leading into the village are full of yellow and purple daisies.

tay-tuu-flower-garden-waiting-for-tet-holiday-hanoiUnlike many other suburban villages, people born in here seem not to leave the village for another life. Many young people choose to stay in their village and grow flowers, which has been proven to be a successful business choice. Besides flowers, the village also grows several kinds of winter vegetables to supply to the markets in Hanoi.

2. Me Linh Flower Market

Since Hanoi expanded its area, Me Linh (once belonging to Vinh Phuc province) became a part of the capital. The Me Linh Flower village has been famous for quite a long time.

me-linh-flower-village-hanoi-attractionsLike Tay Tuu, Me Ling flower village has a wide variety of flowers from daisy, rose, dahlia, gladiolus to carnation. Especially, in recent years, may new kinds of roses have been planted in this flower village such as French rose, Dutch rose, and China rose. This has created an abundance of flowers in the area.

me-linh-flower-village-hanoi-weekend-holidaysThe Tet holiday is close to come and once again see a bustling Me Linh Flower village. Working in the flower fields are farmers who are picking up the most beautiful flowers to take to the markets.

From North Thang Long – Noi Bai highway, the bus no.7 will take you straight to the village. You can also go by motorbike or take a taxi to get there. Spending a weekend at the village to feel the spring is very close.

3. Kim Chung Flower Village (Dong Anh district)  

Located in the North of the Red River, Kinh Chung is a new flower garden which has been known for about 2 or 3 years. The main flower in this village is peony. In addition, it is concentrated in planting blueberry, peach tree, ornamental plant and bonsai which mainly focus on supplying to the market during the Tet festival.

kim-chung-flower-village-hanoi-suburbanFrom the city center, you can go through the Chuong Duong Bridge, passing the Duong bridge and straight on the highway no. 3 to reach Kim Chung Commune (Dong Anh district). Or you can take bus no. 15 and 17 to Dong Anh district and at the bus stop, you take a “xe om” to the village. Spending a weekend at the village to feel the air of spring and Tet holiday.



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