Great destination of Museum of Ethnology

The World’s largest tourism website of TripAdvisor praised the museum as in the 6th place out of 25 most attractive museums in Asia since its facility meets all international quality standards. The result was also based on the numbers of votes by website’s subscribers who have visited the site.

The Ethnology Museum is proud to be ranked as an excellent destination for 2nd time. Now, let’s take a “quick tour” to the well-known museum in Hanoi via photos in order to learn more about its attractiveness.

Museum of Ethnology image 2  - Hanoi city tours

A bicycle carrying fish traps (đó) – popular in Northern Vietnam

Museum of Ethnology image 1 - Hanoi city tours

Skin hide bag and gunpowder guard of Khemu ethnic minority group (Son La Province)

Museum of Ethnology image 3 - Hanoi city tours

A Vietnamese five-space traditional house that looks rather low since it was built as the traditional custom: “Houses should not be higher than temples”

Museum of Ethnology image 4 - Hanoi city tours

Skilful wooden sculptures

Museum of Ethnology image 5 - Hanoi museum tour

Skilful sculptures in wood

Museum of Ethnology image 6 - Hanoi city tours

A Vietnamese traditional kitchen

Museum of Ethnology image 7 - Hanoi city tours

Worshiping place at Vietnamese traditional house

Museum of Ethnology image 8 - Hanoi museum tour

A Vietnamese traditional water well attract foreign visitors

Museum of Ethnology image 9 - Hanoi city tours

The agricultural production tools of the Mong ethnic minority group

Museum of Ethnology image 10 - Hanoi city tours

Made from popea in 1988, “Ghe ngo” or kind of racing boat of Khmer ethnic minority group in Kien Giang Province

Museum of Ethnology 11 - Hanoi city tours

Sepulchre by Giarai ethnic minority group that can house around 30 deceased people. All belongings and working tools by the deceased are displayed in the facility.

Museum of Ethnology 12 - Hanoi museum tour

A couple having good time together

Museum of Ethnology image 13 - Hanoi museum day tour

Sepulchre by Cotu ethnic minority group

Museum of Ethnology image 14 - Hanoi museum day tour

Communal house by Bahnar ethnic minority group

Museum of Ethnology image 15 - Hanoi museum day tour

Pictographic book

Museum of Ethnology image 16 - Hanoi museum day tour

“Lễ cấp sắc”, a traditional festival by Dao Do ethnic minority group in Yen Bai Province, which is annually held November and December of lunar year or January of lunar new year to recognize someone as adult

Museum of Ethnology image 17 - Hanoi museum day tour

Bark coat by Bru Van Kieu ethnic minority group

Museum of Ethnology image 18 - Hanoi museum day tour

A set of tools used for wood sculptures

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