The most romantic destinations in Hanoi for photographers

It is the ancient beauty of Hanoi that makes many tourists, youngsters and couples wish to keep their dreaming moments in Hanoi. Hanoi is attractive in its nature, but the choosing a suitable destination for beautiful shots is not easy as it depends on the preferences of each person. In a mall city like Hanoi, selection of destinations for photo taking varies by seasons as each one has its own charm.

Wandering around the Hanoi Old Quarter, admiring the beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake in an early morning or soaking yourselves in the solemnity of ancient pagodas and temples, all make every travelers to Hanoi fall in love with this city right in their first day in the city.

Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi attractionsHanoi Old Quarter – an ancient and peaceful corner of the capital city

According to the photo enthusiasts, the destinations offering attractive shots in Hanoi include Yen Vien Station, Long Bien Bridge or streets covered by yellow leaves throughout Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake with ancient sesame plants or the Old Quarter of Hanoi with attractive daily life.

Long Bien Bridge - Hanoi attractions

Long Bien Bridge – Hanoi

In addition, the Tay Tuu – the biggest flower garden of Hanoi is the favorite destination for beautiful shots all year long. Especially at the nearly end of the year, the garden attract a huge number of visitors with its variety of colorful flowers showing their beauty under the light sunshine of the winter days.

Tay Tuu flower garden in Hanoi - hanoi day trips

Tay Tuu flower garden in Hanoi

Tay Tuu flower garden - Hanoi city tours

Tay Tuu flower garden – Hanoi

And of course, above is not all that Hanoi can offer to those who love catching the impressive moments of Hanoi. Let’s discover Hanoi and find out your own corners.

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