The ancient Long Bien Bridge restored & upgraded

Long Bien Bridge in an early morning - Hanoi travel news

Long Bien Bridge in an early morning

The Long Bien Bridge has recently been approval for upgrading and restoration, according to the Hanoi Department of Transport. The upgrading of Long Bien Bridge was emphasized as it still has cultural significant values that must be preserved.

The Long Bien Bridge was a great design of the famous French architect Gustave Eiffel. It was constructed in 1898 and inaugurated in 1903. At that time, the bridge of Long Bien was the longest bridge in Indochina and one of the four longest one all over the world. It longed 1,682 meters including 19 steel spans and has been a fine example of the engineering featured in the Paris Eiffel Tower. Witnessing the ups and downs of the history, the bridge was survived countless bombings of the war and nowadays stands as a symbol of Vietnam’s courageous fight for liberty. It contributes to link between the past and present of Hanoi capital.

The Ministry of Transport received many possible proposals for the restoration of the Long Bien Bridge; take example, building a bridge spanning the Red River under urban railway No. 1. However, the relocation or upgrade of Long Bien Bridge cannot depend on unilateral decision. It should be subject to careful, scientific consideration which includes all aspects, including site clearance and relocation.

In addition, the Ministry also mentioned the options of building a new bridge at the current location of Long Bien Bridge, rebuilding part of the bridge and relocating part of the bridge near its current location.

On the contrary, engineer Tran Huy Anh said that none of these solutions given by the Ministry of Transport are appropriate since the Long Bien Bridge holds special historical significance to the ancient capital of Hanoi and should be protected.

 Source: Dtinews

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