Useful tips to choose a small apartment for rent at first arrival in Hanoi

Following the increasing number of people, especially expats comes to Hanoi to work and study, the demand of rental properties is growing, too. In fact, renting an apartment is more saving and flexible than owning a home which requires a huge investment at once and very clear understanding of the city. However, finding an ideal apartment to rent is quite challenging for foreigners, in the case of first arrival, it’s even overwhelming. The following guides are some tips for your reference that can help you ease your worry and manage to rent a small apartment easier.

Research the local market

Before you start to hunt your first apartment, do take some time to conduct a quick research of the market. This will help you have an overview of the place you are going to move to and also narrow down your search list. Certainly, it might be more expensive to live in particular areas like city hub, the Old Quarter, West Lake surroundings or some expat community neighborhoods. Extra costs can be worth for some conveniences like hospital, supermarket, shopping mall, school or kindergarten (especially if you have kids), etc. However, if your budget can’t afford, you should consider seeking some alternatives further from these areas to save on rent.

One of the factors that should be taken into consideration is transportation. If you live far from work and don’t mind taking public transportation, make sure that your interested area is located near bus stop. Otherwise, consider a place with an adequate parking lot and safe neighborhood. Each person will have different preferences for an apartment to move in, so it’s important to study well the market to make sure your budget will get what you desire.

Tick all the amenities you need for your home

Besides fully furnished apartments, some landlords also offer empty ones for those who want to design interior by themselves in long-term rent. Thus, make sure that you list down all amenities that you think crucial and cross-check with apartments proposed by agents. Amenities are personal preferences and in some circumstances, you should be willing to compromise it. For instance, you still lease a kitchen without cookware and oven if you live alone and don’t mind eating out or having fast food instead of cooking by yourself because it can save much in rent. It’s the best that the apartment meets perfectly your demands. If not, consider going for a practically acceptable unit.

Find a reliable agent

After you sketch your dream apartment, now it’s time to hunt them down. You can either search by yourself or contact one of various agents who can act as middle-man. In the case of your first arrival in Hanoi, working with agents is more secure and time-saving since you don’t need to bear commission fee but the landlord once you ink the deal. Among dozens of agents found on the Internet, Alphahousing has been known for its confidence and profession in expat community. All you need to do is giving criteria of your expected home, then the agent will help you look for suitable apartments. There are some available apartments projects listed on the website to review; yet, you’d better contact the hotline directly because normally good options are occupied very fast.

Set up an appointment to view an apartment

Never make decision to rent an apartment without taking a look and check in person because that may result in many later issues. Inspecting the potential ones will take some time but prevent you headache after you move in. This is a chance for you to witness the location, traffic around the area, neighbors and the apartment itself. Do check if there is enough numbers of furniture, all fittings are in firm location and all appliances work well, etc. If you see any damages caused by the last lessee, remember to take a picture and inform the host and agent in order to avoid your responsibility or deposit deduction when you move. During this tour, you should try to clarify any problems or unclear points with your landlord. Do not assume anything because culture is different among countries and each building may have its own regulations. The more you know about your living condition, the more comfort you will enjoy once you settle in.