The biggest Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi

Situated at the end of Hang Dao Street on the Northern part of the Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market has become a busy trading centre and regarded as the largest market which attracts lots of buyers.

Inside the largest Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi - City Day Tours in Hanoi 18

Inside the largest Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi (Photo by Tobias Scheel)

Dong Xuan Market offers many of diversified goods ranging from foods like candy, wine, fresh or dried seafood to clothes, shoes, handbags, hats, etc. Buyers can easily find everything in the large multi-storied market such as fresh foods, home appliances and so on.

Commodities selling at Dong Xuan market are abundant and categorized into different styles of models, which meet all demands and tastes of customers. Particularly, Dong Xuan also possesses some items which are so hard for customers to find at other markets.

Besides some unique goods only found at the market, low-price commodity is a strong point of Dong Xuan Market. As a wholesale market, it provides products for retail shops in Hanoi and nearby provinces. Therefore the price of products at Dong Xuan Market is the original cost which is lower than other markets and local shops.

At Dong Xuan Market, commercial activities are quickly done as no bargain is applied for traders buying goods from there. Although the market is in the large space, it’s not difficult for customer to go sightseeing and shopping since the market is sectioned. Each section has its own item such as shoes and sandals are sold at 1st floor whereas clothing is sold at 2nd floor.

Shoes and sandals at Dong Xuan market - Hanoi city day tour 18

Shoes and sandals are sold at 1st floor

Clothing at Dong Xuan market - Hanoi city day tour 18

Clothing is sold at 2nd floor

Food is available at Dong Xuan Market. The dishes might cost a little more than elsewhere but they are truly delicious, such as a steamy hot dish of Pho Cuon (a food made of beef wrapped in long wispy strips of rice vermicelli and served with aromatic herbs and spicy sweet-sour fish sauce).

Street food at Dong Xuan Market - Hanoi city day tours 18

Street food outside Dong Xuan Market at night

Similar to other markets including Cho Tinh Sapa (Sapa Love market), Vieng Market (Nam Dinh), Ky Lua Market (Lang Son), Tay Do Market (in Can Tho – Mekong region), the Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi has been established in order to satisfy the needs of both locals and tourists. Dong Xuan Market attracts visitors not only for its trading but also for its historical significance as it witnessed fierce battle between the Vietnamese people against the French’s domination.

Thanks to the market’s long history of culture, traditions along with convenient location in the community of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is said to be one of attractive tourist destinations of the capital.

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