Romantic Hanoi with flower bikes in streets

Foreign visitors traveling to Hanoi will meet a very popular image – flower bikes roaming around on the roads, from the big streets to small lanes, in sunny days or even rainy days.

Hanoi flower bikes of lily flower - Things to see in Hanoi city tour

Hanoi flower bikes are often seen in every Hanoi streets

Most people in Hanoi prefer buying flowers from “mobile flower shops” arranged on bikes or carried by bamboo baskets along streets.

Lotus bike flower in summer - Romantic Hanoi city tour

Lotus boasts its most charming beauty and perfume in sunny summer

Flower bikes from night market - Romantic Hanoi city tour

Flowers from Nhat Tan, Quang Ba flower villages or neighboring provinces come to Hanoians on bicycles

Peach blossoms in the spring - Romantic Hanoi city tour

Peach blossoms in the spring

Sunflower bike in Hanoi street - Romantic Hanoi city tour

Women selling flowers on bikes have become a special feature of Hanoi