Banh Com, specialty of Hang Than Street

For many years, Hang Than street has been well-known for providing wedding ceremonies with offering trays. The street sells an indispensable offering of Banh Com, which is considered one of Hanoi’s specialties.

Nowadays, many visitors to Hanoi come to Hang Than street for buying specialties such as Banh Com, Banh Phu The  for their friends and relatives.

How to make Banh Com?


Banh Com, a delicious Hanoi specialty for many years

Making delicious cakes must follow a complicated process. It is necessary to carefully select sticky un-husked rice to make green rice flakes. Then, the main ingredient is dried and packed tightly to avoid getting wet. When making the cakes, the green rice flakes are mixed with water and sugar until they become soft. The mixture is fried for two hours and stirred well until it becomes pasty.

To make the stuffing, submerge green beans in water and flay them before steaming. The green bean paste is blended with a dash of sugar, grapefruit flower attar, sugar coated lotus seeds and coconut. The stuffing is divided into small rolls that are covered by fried green rice flakes.


A famous shop selling Banh Com at 11 Hang Than Street

Banh com on Hang Than Street is delicious with the green coloration of green rice flakes, the sweet and nutty flavor of green beans and coconut and the scent of grapefruit flower essential oil.

Spending your leisure time doing a walking tour around the Hanoi’s Old Quarter and asking your tour guide to stop at one shop selling Banh Com in Hang Thang Street! It will be the delicious gift you give to your beloved.

(Source: Hanoitimes)