36 hours in Hanoi

A lot of Canadian travellers come over Vietnam as a short stop in a long vacation around Asia. In case you decide really quick about Vietnam destination, make sure you know how to get visa for Vietnam for Canadian citizens in the most fast and convenient way, also know how to discover Vietnam in a limited time. We recommend you to invest your 36 hours in Hanoi – the beautiful capital, the romantic soul of Vietnam. Below is suggested schedule for your reference to decide where to go, what to do, where to enjoy the scenery or delicious dishes here!


  1. Drinking coffee for watching Hanoi from above (17h)

As the peak time of Hanoi, drinking and watching the scenery at 5 pm is great idea to watch daily life of Hanoian. Located in a small alleyway of Hanoi Old Quarter, behind a photo shop is the Old Town Coffee Shop (No. 11 Hang Gai). You can choose various well-made drinks such as coffee, vitamins, fruit juice. With a cup of coffee and a view from the 4th floor, you can feel the cool breeze from Hoan Kiem Lake as well as a quiet space in the heart of bustling old town.

  1. Enjoy dinner in the Hanoi Old Quarter (19h30)

“37th Commercial Food and Drink” is a popular restaurant on Nam Truong Street, near Truc Bach Lake, Hanoi. The special space hidden inside will remind you of the subsidy years of Hanoi old. There are the walls of chairs, white paint casual with items left over from subsidy period such as phoenix car, television, cassette, etc.  inside the restaurant. In addition to the unique space, the menu is also special with the bold dishes of the old life such as rice paddies, tapioca chips, melon fried fat, sour, boiled beans, etc. When ordering, the restaurant uses the coupon and gives it to customers to wait for food to move up.

  1. Music and dance at 22h

On a quiet street of Hai Ba Trung District, there are many interesting bars, where regular music events and guests often come from foreign DJs and band. You can choose drink from an extensive menu of cocktails, as well as unique drinks made from bartenders. Another great option for you is the West Lake District, which is ideal places with many bars for enjoying drinks, live music performances.



The walking streets opening from Friday to Sunday is full of street music


  1. Enjoy street food (8h30)

Apart from pho, there is also a variety of other delicious street food. The advice for you is to skip the breakfast in the hotel, and step out to explore the street food here. Joining the Hanoi Street Food Tours with only $75 per person, you will be visiting and enjoying the most distinctive street food of Hanoi. If you are interested in the way to cook Hanoi dishes, you can register for a cooking class at some cooking centers in Hanoi.

  1. Discover the historical sites (13h)

You can start the journey from the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long. This is a relic complex associated with the history of the Thang Long – Hanoi built in the 11th century. It is a massive architectural work of the royal dynasty in many historical periods and became the most important monument in the system of Vietnam relics.  In addition, you can also explore the beauty of many interesting places such as Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, National Museum of Fine Arts, One Pillar Pagoda, etc.

  1. Immerse yourself in the art space (15h)

Located on a quiet street between the Old Quarter and West Lake, Manzi Art Space (on 14 Phan Huy Ich Street) is a quite attractive art space in Hanoi. You will experience features activities such as exhibitions, seminars, workshops, book introductions, film screenings, music and dance performances, etc. You will not only enjoy the artwork and craft items, but also buy it at a very affordable price. Besides, visiting the Gallery Art Vietnam of Suzanne Lecht to admire contemporary art in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is great idea.

  1. Dinner in elegant space (20h)

You can enjoy the cuisine of European and drop your soul to the melodious music or sway along the dance at Pots’n Pans Restaurant & Bar (No. 57 Bui Thi Xuan), etc. In particular, Pots’ n Pans is well-known for a catering school, and vocational training related to restaurants and hotels for street children under the KOTO nonprofit project.

  1. Reading poetry at the bar (22h30)

Tadioto is a cozy bar, and the favorite of Hanoi intellectuals, opened by an American journalist. In the dim light at Tadioto (with a drink price for two people about 250,000 VND), on the left corner, when the music is off, the space is bustling with dozens of laughter well, you will heard the sound of soft reading the poems. And this enjoyable experience is one of the many cultural activities that you will experience when visiting Tadioto.



The delicacy inside Manzi Art


  1. Enjoy breakfast with Western cuisine (9h)

The growing population of foreigners living in Hanoi has led to the appearance of Western-style cafes here. Located in the peaceful Hoi Vu Lane, Hanoi Social Club is designed with interior design of Western style with delicious and good food for health.

Another highlight of the Hanoi Social Club is a menu of food prepared mostly from fresh vegetables and ingredients.

  1. Walking in the West Lake (11h)

The West Lake area is one of the favorite places for young people to enjoy, especially ideal for cycling. Most of the beautiful streets of Hanoi are located along the West Lake. You can rent a bile to slowly cycle around this area to feel the pure aroma lurking in the light breeze. The West Lake is not only famous for its poetic landscape, but also a heaven of dining with many specialties such as: Vermicelli, Ho Tay shrimp cake, La Vong fish fry and so on.

Beautiful West Lake at night - Things to do in Hanoi

Beautiful West Lake at night

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