North of Vietnam with international hot air balloon performance

International air hot ballon in north Vietnam

International air hot balloon in north Vietnam

If you are in Hanoi and regret that you missed the International hot air balloon performance which was held in several destinations in Hanoi from 10-14 November, you still have another chance since the performance have been being held in other 3 provinces which you can reach from Hanoi within 2 hours drive, including Nam Dinh, Hai Duong and Quang Ninh.

The schedule is as follows:

Nam Dinh: From 19-23 November – flying from Thien Truong Stadium to Tan De Bridge or Vu Ban, Y Yen.

Hai Duong: From 19-23 November – flying from Center Square to Phu Luong Bridge, Lai Vu Bridge, Highway No.5; from Hoa Binh Park to Lai Cach town – Cam Giang.

Quang Ninh: From 26 -30 November- flying from Tuan Chau Island to Day (Bottom) Well – Ha Long City, and Cua Luc Bay, Thong Nhat Ward; from the new square of Quang Ninh Province, across Ha Long City to Hong Thang or Day Well, Tuan Chau, Quang Yen.

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