Hanoi street life

Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam is a unique place in Vietnam where the traditional and modern influences live side by side. With winding boulevards, ancient temples, French architecture and a rich cultural history, this city is an enchanting and memorable destination.

Taking a tour around Hanoi, visitors not only are impressed by its peaceful beauty but also be attracted by its so charming street life.

street-market-very-popular-in-hanoiStreet market has been very popular not only in Hanoi but also along the S-shaped Vietnam. It sells a wide range of food from meat, vegetables to fruits and many other domestic items.

bicycle-flower-vendors-hanoi-street-life-hanoi-toursbicycle-flower-vendors-hanoi-street-lifeFlower vendors pedaling their bicycles to reach every corner of Hanoi.

banana-vendors-on-bicycle-hanoi-street-life-hanoi-toursFrom flowers, vegetables to fruits, everything can be arranged on the bicycles to reach every corner of Hanoi.

basket-ladies-selling-fruits-and-vegetables-hanoi-street-lifeBasket ladies are a regular sight in Hanoi. Wearing the traditional conical hats, many are selling fruits and vegetables. Many allow tourists to photograph them, using their baskets as impromptu photography props.

streetside-restaurant-hanoi-street-life-hanoi-food-toursRestaurants spill out onto the streets, while plastic chairs and tables line the pavements.

sidewalk-coffee-hanoi-street-life-hanoi-culture-toursStreet coffee has become a part of Hanoi’s culture.

walking-hanoiWalking in early morning or late afternoon among the fresh air has become a healthy hobby of the Hanoians.

elderly-doing-exercise-with-same-age-friends-hanoi-street-lifeBesides happiness and interest from their families, the elderly also find them happy and healthy to be among their same-age friends. Taking exercise every morning or afternoon is also a way they enjoy their life.

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