Hanoi prepares for Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week

From November 18 – 24, those who are keen on discovering the culture of Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam should not miss the chance to visit the Hanoi’s Culture-Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups to join the “National Great Solidarity: Vietnam Cultural Heritage” Week taken place here.

Vietnam cultural heritage week in Hanoi - Hanoi travel

Vietnam cultural heritage week in Hanoi –

The celebration is part of activities marking the 83rd anniversary of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the annual Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day, and the inauguration of a new Khmer temple complex.

Nearly 400 village chiefs, intellectuals, and artisans—representing 17 Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups—are expected to attend the event.

The week includes a Highland Folk wood sculpture camp, cultural exchanges, traditional crafts village introductions and history lectures, Bay Nui cow racing, and art performances.

“Vietnam Cultural Heritage” Week honors the solidarity uniting Vietnam’s 54 different ethnic groups.

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