Hanoi in the eyes of New Zealander photographers

Hanoi-the capital of Vietnam, is a rich cultural city with a history that goes back at least 1000 years although it had had inhabitants long before that. In addition, the combination of old and modern beauty of the city is the most attractive point for travelers all around the world.

Depend on when arriving Hanoi, you can capture the different moment of the beauty and people here. Following are some useful tips for photographers to capture their best memories during the trip.

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Bring a prime lens

Overcast and low light scenes are common in Hanoi. Small and lighter prime lens can go through this matter because they typically have better light gathering capabilities than their zoom counterparts. Additionally, separation between the subject and their surroundings is created by shooting with a low f-stop to make better portrait opportunities and add that professional look to your photos. You should try the 35mm focal length for street photography instead of 50mm.



Trang Thi Street


Explore outside the tourist hubs.

There’s nothing wrong with visiting the tourist attractions, but the rate of unique photos is much lower than when you discover other places by yourself. Asking locals for advice or just hitting the street walking without a set plan, your eyes will lead you toward what you find interesting. Walking across the Cau Long Bien bridge to get an elevated view of the city is recommended as it quickly transitions from dense urban grid to farmland as you approach the Red River.



Long Bien bridge

Early to bed, early to rise.

Hanoi is changing quickly every hours between the sun rises and downs. Waking up early before the sun, grabing some coffee, and watching the city come to life is interesting experience. If you are lucky you may even catch a breathtaking sunrise. Hoan Kiem Lake is a popular place for morning exercise. You will find many commotion around the lake in the early mornings, and an unofficial market operates in the mornings on Pho Bao Khanh. Another place is the Quang Ba flower market, which operates from 3 to 7 am every day except Sunday. There are flower vendors all over the city gathering here and this is where they supply each morning.



Morning in Hanoi


Visit the local food markets.

Even if you do not intend to buy or eat anything, your camera will have a feast. There are plenty of merchants operate booths that specialize in anything from chilis to fruits to meat to dried mushrooms. It is much different from a western grocery store, these markets are loud, colorful, and full of interesting sights.


Ask before you shoot.

In Hanoi, many people do not like strangers pointing their camera at them. When capturing a portrait of someone facing toward you, you should ask before raising your camera. If you try to connect with people before asking to take their picture,the outcome will be much better. You can offer them a compliment, make a purchase from them, or simply ask for directions to open communications. It is much better than a stranger with a camera.



Hanoi Cuteness


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