5 reasons for German to visit Hanoi now

1.Vietnam visa for German citizens and residents is easy to get

The first reason is that now German could easily get Vietnamese Visa. According to the latest Vietnam Immigration Regulations issued on 18 JUNE 2015, taking effect from 01 July 2015 to 31 June 2018, German citizens currently living in Germany or in other countries, holding ordinary passport which is valid for at least 6 months more beyond the date of arrival, are in the Vietnam visa exemption list with visa-free length of staying of less than 15 days in Vietnam and single entry/exit. Accordingly:

A. If a German citizen’s length of stay in Vietnam is LESS THAN 15 days, Vietnam Visa is EXEMPTED.
B. If a German citizen’s length of stay in Vietnam is FROM 15 days onward, Vietnam Visa is OBLIGATORILY REQUIRED.

2. Safe country to visit

The second reason is that in Vietnam, you can combine tourism with healing with Chinese medicine methods, with natural resources such as health care services, mud hot, mineral mud, warm mineral pool, therapy… Do not be surprised why Vietnamese people can use ancient Chinese healing methods, simply because Vietnam was once a Chinese colony for over a thousand years, during that time the Vietnamese had learned the secret remedies of the oldest civilization in the world. Moreover, Vietnam is considered as the safest tourist destination in Southeast Asia.



Tranquil scenary in peaceful Vietnam


3.  Delicious Vietnamese cuisine

Next, according to many travelers coming to Hanoi, Vietnamese cuisine is quite delicious, even one of the most delicious food in the world. In addition to the famous noodles and bread, when visiting any province in Vietnam, visitors can enjoy the specialties such as salty vermicelli, hot pot sauce, shrimp paste noodles… Not only that, the price of Vietnamese specialties is also very cheap.

4. Fantastic beer

The most special thing that German cannot ignore is beer in Vietnam. Cheap beer, the bustling atmosphere between the crowded Old Quarter is the thing that German guests love when enjoying beer in the corner of the city. It is said that German beer is the best beer in the world but Vietnamese also always be proud of their beer. The most famous kind of beer in Hanoi, obviously is Hanoi beer that is more than 50 years old. Besides, you could try fresh beer while taking a look at the streets with thousands of motorbike. And of course you will be surprised by the price, with just 1 USD you can buy 4 bottles of beer! How cheap is it? Let’s having a drink and enjoying good food in the world’s richest cuisine.

5. Suprising traffic

Last but not least, one of the things that make foreigners come to Hanoi most surprised is traffic. Crossing the roads full of motorbikes in the capital is a completely new experience for foreigners. Even foreigners coming here do not have the confidence to drive themselves along the line of people on the street. “If you want to cross the road, take courage and pray. Then, you step straight along the line of moving people, they know how to avoid you “. That is experience from a traveler and for sure, it is the most important thing you have to learn by heart before coming to Hanoi.

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