Flower bikes make Hanoi romantic

Every visitor to Hanoi in any day will meet a very popular image – flower bikes roaming around on the roads, from the big streets to small lanes, in sunny days or even rainy days, but the flowers on the bikes are different from day to day, month to month and season to season. As such, there is a saying that just by looking at the flower bikes along the streets of Hanoi, one can know it is spring or autumn in this place.

Hanoians prefer buying flowers from mobile flower shops - Hanoi attractionsIf people in Saigon often take flowers from shops, most people in Hanoi prefer buying flowers from “mobile flower shops” arranged on bikes or carried by bamboo baskets along streets.

Hanoi with seasonal flowers - hanoi guideHanoi has four distinct seasons and each has its own flower.

Peach blossoms mark another spring reaching Hanoi - Hanoi attractions

Hanoi becomes colorful with peach blossoms in spring - seasons in HanoiHanoi welcomes the spring with pink peach blossoms.

Hanoi welcomes april with lily - Hanoi attractionsWhile its April is covered by white color and pure scent of Lily.

Sunflowers make May of Hanoi more beautiful - Hanoi guideMay reaches Hanoi with the image of yellow sunflowers.

Lotus in summer in Hanoi - Hanoi seasons

Lotus bikes along streets in summer in Hanoi - things to do in HanoiLotus shows its most charming beauty and perfume in sunny summer

hanoi-with-seasonal-flowersCrystal gems in fall

Flowers in Hanoi

x-eye daisy season in Hanoi - - Hanoi attractions

ox-eye daisy season in Hanoi

Ox-eye daisies in November

Flower bikes - special feature of Hanoi - Hanoi culture toursBicycles bringing flowers from Nhat Tan, Quang Ba flower villages or neighboring provinces to Hanoi become a very special feature of this place.

Flower bikes make Hanoi be differ from others - Hanoi attractionsFlower bikes make Hanoi more romantic and poetic.

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