Don’t choose a Vietnam Visa On Arrival provider for price

Vietnam visa is the requirement for travelers in the world to enter Vietnam. Two ways to obtain Vietnam visa  includes getting visa at the Embassy and applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. Each option has differences in fee, procedure and processing time.

In general, cost is often a point that everyone look at first when choosing or buying something. It is the same when some travelers choose the method to apply for Vietnam visa. If the visa fee is too high, you will be not willing to make a payment. However, if it is too low compared to others, you will feel confused.

With more than 10 years experience in providing Vietnam visa on arrival service, answered a lot of calls from travelers about the trustworthy of the approval letter because the price to get it is inexpensive. As you know, this Letter of Approval is valid and it will help you enter Vietnam with a visa stamped onto your passport.

Comparing to getting Vietnam Embassy Visa – when you have to directly come to Embassy to process visa, you may receive the answer with lower cost. However, you will have to do all the work from A to Z. You will have to visit the Embassy several times, bring along your orginal passport and follow others requirement until the procedure is completed. It will be worse if you are not near the Embassy. Imagine that you will have to spend the whole week at the Embassy and it will cost you extra fees such as transportation fee, parking fee, calling fee, lobby fee and so on.

Therefore, you can see that the price is not the most important things you have to concern about. You should pay your attention at the feedback of clients. Maybe is not the cheapest one but seeing how their customer satisfied about its service, you will realize that you are investing your money on the right one.



The mission of is to bring the most simple procedure and requirements of applying for Vietnam visa on arrival


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