Visa and travel suggestion when travelling one day in Hanoi for South African citizens

Most other nationalities including South African passport holders require a tourist visa to visit Vietnam. Travellers can choose the way to apply (or we can do this for you, noted below) for a 30-day tourist visa (single or multiple entry) from the nearest Vietnamese Embassy or via the newest and the most convenience method is Visa on arrival. After submitting an application, you receive a confirmation number then when you arrive at Vietnam, you receive the actual visa and additionally pay for a stamping fee. Applying in advance and then collecting your tourist visa upon arrival is available for all passport holders entering the country via Noi Bai International Airport, Tan Son Nhat International Airport and Danang International Airport.

There are two ways to obtain a Vietnam visa:

  1. Apply for Visa at Vietnam Embassy in South Africa

This is the traditional way to obtain a visa for Vietnam. In this point, travelers need to go to Vietnam Embassy in their places to submit visa application documents.

  • Issuing authority: Vietnamese Embassy
  • Processing time: 3-5 working days
  • Required documents: Hard copy of application form, original passport, 2 passport-sized photos, etc. as required by the embassy
  • How to get visa back: go to the embassy or send via post
  • Where to get full visa: Vietnam Embassy

But it is convenience for you to reach the Vietnam Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa? Would you like to spend time going to the embassy and queuing there? Would you like to avoid loss of passport on its way to the embassy via post? If not, getting Vietnam visa on arrival presented right below here is perhaps the best choice for you.

  1. Apply visa for Vietnam from South Africa by Vietnam Visa On Arrival

This is a better option for Vietnam visa application. Despite being born later, obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival provides travelers with much more simplicity and convenience. It users neither need to travel across a long distance to the embassy nor need to send their passport via post with a fear of its loss on the way.

  • Issuing authority: Vietnam Immigration Department
  • Processing time: 1-2 working days
  • Required documents: Online application form only
  • How to submit: Submit online application form via a travel agency
  • Where to get visa back: Vietnam International airport

As you can see, visa on arrival is absolutely the best choice for South African passport holders. However, please keep in mind that it is only applicable to those traveling by AIR only.

Suggested 1 day-tour in Hanoi

For those who fall in love with motorbike and lack time for a city discovery trip, the Hanoi motorbike tour in a day is surely an ideal option. Take the chance to explore Hanoi in a unique and fascinating way to get to very well-known Hanoi’s Old Quarter; to experience Hanoian’s daily life as well as trying some awesome local foods which have never been catered in any luxurious and modern restaurant. Give it a try, you will never regret!

Don’t take any breakfast as this trip will start with a bowl of Pho which is the favorite dish of almost Hanoian and wake you up with a cup of strong Vietnamese coffee! After having enough energy, you’ll continue this trip with a soft route around the streets of the Hanoi Old Quarter which is said to make Hanoi be itself. Taking a look over the traditional houses, temples and shops along the streets, you can imagine the life of the Hanoian in the past. Then a short break with Vietnamese tea, then try to driver around West lake or Hoan Kiem lake.


Hoan Kiem Lake

At Hoan Kiem lake, you’ll stop at Ngoc Son Temple to study about perhaps the most important and sacred among many significant cultural artifacts. Tasting some fruit mix will give you more understanding of tasting habit of the Hanoian. Do not be shocked by traffic there, be sure that it will bring you a unforgettable memories.

hanoi-west-lake (15)

West Lake

Note: After returning your bike, you’ll get lunch with another specialty called Bun Cha (grilled pork balls served with vermicelli) instead of Pho. For further exciting initeraries, you can read more on One day in Hanoi or contact directly to us via Hotline +84.989.383.767.