“Must-do” cooking class in Hanoi

For those who fall in love with the gastronomy of Hanoi capital and wish to dazzle your family and friends with traditional Vietnamese delicious dishes such as Pho, Bun Cha, or Spring Rolls after returning home from Vietnam; however, you don’t know how to do?

The answer is taking a cooking class, specially customized for foreigners in Hanoi, and you are offered to try your favorite recipe by yourself. Your teacher – the talent and professional Chef – will not only carefully instruct you to prepare for dishes but also teach you more about Vietnamese culture of cuisines, introduce how important rice and its cultural significance are as well as explain when and how to use spices in cooking each Vietnamese dish.


A tourist is being instructed to cook a Vietnamese dish

Furthermore, what makes cooking class in Hanoi more impressive to every tourist is the market tour before each cooking course. Variety of fresh foods and vegetables are available for your cooking menu. During the visit to local market, each “learner” will get opportunity to know more about the use of each ingredient along with its interesting story behind.

It can’t be denied that the best and most effective way to explore the natural and human beauty of an ancient Hanoi capital is throughout its delicious foods and ingredients! So, why don’t you give yourself a try to partake in Hanoi cooking tours? It’s one of the must-do activities for whoever stays in Hanoi.

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