Biking in Hanoi

Hanoi biking tours

Biking in Hanoi

Hanoi is an ideal place for experience a biking tour. Not only taking you to visit around the city center, Hanoi biking tours also introduce you to some of the countryside villages dotted further afield. Opening up during the itinerary are expansive rice fields dotted with buffaloes bringing children on their back, pagodas dating back to the 12th century and a visit a many historic as well as cultural places of interest or a chance to meet and talk to friendly people.

Biking is also a great way to see how the locals live and explore some of Hanoi beyond the city limits where life gears down to a much slower pace, enjoy the peaceful moments of the countryside and see what you can never seen in the Hanoi center.

As such, don’t miss the chance to enjoy a biking tour if you have time in Hanoi.

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