Hanoi: Ethnology Museum supports the International Museum Day

On the occasion of celebrating the International Museum Day and Vietnam Science and Technology Day (May 18th), the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is planned to hold a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for visitors.

To prepare for special event, a competition of beautiful view photos at the museum will be released via internet before May 18th. Accordingly, all photos related to the Vietnam’s Ethnology Museum and comments by authors will be updated. Also, attractive prizes will be given to public entries.

Afterward, the museum is scheduled to set up several public activities and a special tour with the South East Asia cultural exhibition. Joining these activities, visitors will be offered chance to exchange with researchers about ethnic minority groups in Southeast Asia as well as to share experiences during trips in Vietnam.

Exhibit at Vietnam Museum Ethnology - Hanoi city tours

Costumes of Vietnam’s ethnic minority exhibited at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Ethnic's religious ritual at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology - Hanoi city tour

Ethnic’s religious ritual at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Particularly, it will be the first time for visitors to try several professional work activities at the museum under the guidance and control of museum staff. Some of which can be practicing measurement of temperature, humidity and lighting of the exhibition along with the restoration of papers and materials by simple techniques.

During this up-coming event, all activities organized are aimed to glorify cultural heritage values and call the community to join together in the preservation and promotion of Vietnam cultural heritage.

(Source CPV)

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