Experience Mekong Delta floating market inside Hanoi

There will be a rare chance for those who stay in Hanoi and wish to see a floating market – the unique feature of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam to see it right in Hanoi. If you stay in Hanoi on this November 20, you can experience the bustling air of the floating market, the daily life of the locals in the watery Mekong Delta region and enjoy sweet songs of Mekong Folk Melody – Ca vọng cổ). This is a part of the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week themed “National Great Solidarity: Vietnam Cultural Heritage” to be taken place during November 19 – 24.

Unique floating market experience in Hanoi

Unique floating market experience in Hanoi

The unique floating market in Hanoi will last for 4 days at the Culture-Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups in Son Tay district, Hanoi.

During the event, every visitor to the floating market will have a chance to directly experience the space of culture of Southern Vietnam’s floating market with busy lines of boats filled with sounds of rowing boats and trading activities and sweet voices singing interesting Mekong Folk Melody songs.

You also will see a wide range of seasonal fruits originated from Mekong Delta such as longan, rambutan, durian, and king orange, etc, on sales on this floating market. In addition, participants in the floating market will have chance to enjoy delicious dishes of the Mekong Delta with rice spaghetti (bánh canh), steamed cassava cakes (bánh tầm), steamed rice cakes (bánh bò), noodle with seasoned and sauté beef (hủ tiếu), etc. served from the boats floating around the market.

A wide range of fruits on sales on the floating market - Hanoi unique experience

A wide range of fruits on sales on the floating market

In addition to experiencing the space of floating market culture, visitors to the festival also have chance to enjoy many other outstanding activities which reflects some certain corners of various ethnic groups in Vietnam such as Ok-om-bok festival, market in Northern Vietnam’s highlands.

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